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Victorian Bar News

Victorian Bar News


The Victorian Bar

What we did:

Redesign, create a new masthead, project management, design, illustration, print management 

The Challenge

The Victorian Bar had produced more than 150 issues of its bi-annual magazine, Victorian Bar News, but although the content of the magazine remained of the highest standard, the design was starting to look its age. A fresh, new look was commissioned and implemented in consultation with the client.

The Process

We redesigned the magazine from go to whoa, from masthead, to font, to logos, added pointers, refreshed the layout, gave different sections different colour schemes for easier navigation, colour corrected images and even commissioned high quality illustrations to add gravitas or levity—as required.

The Outcome

Victorian Bar News has been given a whole new lease on life and there has been tonnes of positive feedback from its readers, praising the eye-catching design and punchy layout. The Vic Bar has since entrusted SMG with designing and editing their annual report as well as creating a digital edition of Victorian Bar News using our proprietary software, The Switcher.